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Travel agency specialized in experiences in Apulia
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We provide an Audio Guide for visitors who prefer to take their own time to visit the Basilica but who appreciate some extra guidance on the history of what they see.
The Basilica of Holy Cross (1549 - 1646) is by far and away the finest example of Lecce Baroque style. Its façade is truly unique: a feast of detail and imaginative decoration. Commissioned by the Order of the Celestines, as was the Palatial style monastery right next door, it benefitted from Lecce's greatest architects of the time: Gabriele Riccardi, Francesco Antonio Zimbalo and Cesare Penna. Inside, don't miss the wooden coffered ceiling above the nave and the alter to St. Francis of Paola.

The audio guide has five tracks:

  • Historical outline
  • Façade details
  • Church's interior
  • Right aisle
  • Church's interior
  • Left aisle
  • Celestine's Palace
Languages: Italian, English, German, French

Price: € 3,00/ person
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